Get Your Brand Priorities Straight

Exposure, Brand Awareness, Impressions, Followers, and so on.

All of the above are “metrics,” that more and more brands and teams are chasing. Yes, they’re often quantifiable and can show an increase or decrease that’s readily apparent. Having the right tools and tracking in place is something we’re focused on every day, and every business should be as well.

But, what does a change in followers, impressions, or some other measurement of awareness actually mean for your bottom line?

At Frui, we’re big believers in OKRs, KPIs, and other tangible metrics that indicate real and sustainable growth. So, of course, brand awareness and similar metrics–notably social and audience-driven ones–are a big part of what we’re after. Brand Awareness is critical to long-term success, and can be a big part of short-term wins with campaigns, launches, and mergers and acquisitions. But it’s what you do with brand awareness that most businesses seem to miss.

According to a recent survey by Altimeter, increased brand awareness was the top priority for 37% of top digital marketers–even over increased leads and sales prospects. What to do with that brand awareness, however, is where many professionals are confused and lack action.

The most important step is knowing and acting on your conversion strategy. Whether it’s a funnel, pipeline, or other model, having a clear path from awareness through action is vital. Those “gaps” can’t be left to chance. Asking questions such as “how do we capture interest?” and “what can we do to measure engagement?” are the first steps. And if you can’t answer those questions in detail with actionable plans, tools, systems, and strategies, you’re likely not converting on your hard-won brand awareness.

At Frui, we start every partnership with a detailed analysis of your current strategy, from awareness to action. Our team leaves no stone unturned as we move through discovery and working sessions to determine the best course of action for each measurable goal, and every situation is different. That being said, here are some common areas we see brands missing or falling short when it comes to converting on their brand awareness.

  • Reach Out. The simplest action, yet the most overlooked. Capturing and converting those who engage with your brand is the most important thing you can do to increase your sales. Leaving it to chance on whether a prospective customer will come back, or even remember you, just because they’re now aware you exist, is a miss. Capturing emails, making an offer, retargeting an ad, and getting them into your pipeline is always step one.
  • Being Mobile Ready. Most brand awareness gains are happening on social media and via search. With the majority of social and search traffic being conducted on the go, it’s important that your website, app, and/or social channels are optimized for conversion directly on mobile–without any hang-ups. If not, that’s one of the first things we’ll work with you to fix.
  • Win at Search. Search engine performance on keywords (for example, “men’s shoes” if you sell men’s shoes) is still at the forefront of a long-term growth strategy. It’s not enough to buy ads or just try to win at certain keywords. It’s also not enough to just hire and SEO consultant. Search is integral to any effective brand and sales strategy, yet it can’t stand on its own. Even if you win at search, what if your landing pages aren’t conversion ready? There’s a lot to it, and it requires a deft hand to make it all work together.
  • Don’t Forget Email. Email isn’t going anywhere. We’re big believers in Slack, chat, and all sorts of alternative forms of communication. But when it comes to marketing and shopping experiences, email is still one of the highest ROI performers. It just works.
  • Use Ads Wisely. Facebook and Instagram ads, along with search ads, have to land the right way and in the right spot. When your ads are poorly targeted they can actually erode the trust and affinity your brand has won. From getting an ad for a product you’ve already purchased to receiving offers for an item your company is no longer stocking, frustration is a fast track to losing what you may have gained.

Ready to turn your brand awareness into sustainable profit? Get in touch with our team and let’s make it happen.